Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the rantings, ramblings, and ravings of one proud, patriotic, spiritually oriented, Veteran... Otherwise know as an American.

Born and Bred. My name is Sid - and this is my personal blog. All opinions, rants, ravings, etc., expressed in this blog are my OWN. They are NOT those of my family, my friends, my employers, or any other people/organizations that are associated with me.

Now that I have made THAT point abundantly clear (I hope) - let me also clear the air about some other things...

This is MY blog - meaning that I own the domain - I pay for the hosting - and I post the content. It also means that I "reserve the right to refuse service". If you post spam or use abusive language or flame or troll in comments/posts - they will be deleted. End of discussion - this is MY space that I choose to share - like inviting you into my living room at home - if you are abusive, etc. - you're out the door!

To all those of you who would "never think of doing anything like that" - I apologize. Unfortunately there have been those who HAVE done these things in the past - so I felt the need to clarify - really wish I didn't feel that need - really wish I had not been put in the position to make these statements. But, oh well, live and let live - they just don't get to "live" here.