When I first heard this, from a friend, I thought it was some kind of bad joke.

But then I go to CNN.com and a couple of other news sources - and found out it is TRUE! FDNY and NYPD - are NOT on the "invitation list" for the 10th anniversary ceremony - due to lack of SPACE! WHAT?!?!?

You, dear readers, can click HERE to read the CNN article.

As a veteran and former volunteer FF/EMT - This is KILLING ME! FDNY are some of America's Finest! Anyone who has ever been serious about EMS/FF - looks at them as a shining example of what being a FF is all about - and they prove/proved it - not just on 9/11 - but EVERY DAY! For them NOT to be invited to the ceremony is a social and political atrocity!

In a statement, given by Mayor Bloomberg's spokesman, Andrew Brent, we are told that "the commemoration ceremony is for the victims' families."
"While we are again focused on accommodating victims' family members, given the space constraints, we're working to find ways to recognize and honor first responders, and other groups, at different places and times," Brent said.

Dear Mister Brent and Mayor Bloomberg - You, Sirs, a contemptable idiots! Had it not been for these HEROES - who "oh by the way" - lost many of their OWN in their actions, there would have been MANY MORE victims that day! But instead of including them in the ceremony that marks the 10th anniversary of this tragedy - we're going to slough them aside and "find a different way" to recognize them? Really??? When, where, and HOW will you do that?

This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! They gave willingly - and are now among the forgotten - be glad, Mayor Bloomberg - that I am not a constituent. But I sincerely hope that the families of these fine men and women - who ARE you constituents - along with the families of the victims - remember this come time for your next election bid...