Chaos Country

DISCLAIMER: Before any of you attempt to "argue" this - read the entire thing. If, after that - you wish to have civil discussion over it - that is fine. Any name calling, degradation, etc - WILL NOT BE TOLERATED - you WILL have the comment deleted and further offenses WILL get you un-friended and BLOCKED... I have had ENOUGH with childish antics to last a lifetime (I know - then what am I doing on FB, right?)...


I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Some people think I am a bit overbearing when it comes to things going on in this country, so I have decided I will explain why...


Welcome, Rules, and Understandings...

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the rantings, ramblings, and ravings of one proud, patriotic, spiritually oriented, Veteran... Otherwise know as an American.