My continued rant on the Westboro Cult...

On March 3rd of this year - I went on a small tirade about a federal court decision in a case pending against the Westboro group (I REFUSE to call them a CHURCH - See article here)


Memorial Day

As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, take a moment to remember that the freedom that you enjoy daily is provided by the sacrifices made by the Military servicemen and their families.


Freedoms don't come Free...

With Memorial Day fast approaching - and a great number of people asking me WHY I get sooooooooooo wound around the axle about the "Flag Burning Issue" - I have only one thing to say:


Thoughts on Veterans in the US...

Continuing some of my thoughts from other day - regarding veterans in this country...


Rights and Responsibility

... While trolling through Facebook earlier - I run across this article regarding today's decision by the US Supreme Court regarding a lawsuit that was brought against the Westboro Baptist Church by the father of a Marine that was killed while serving his country.


Welcome, Rules, and Understandings...

Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the rantings, ramblings, and ravings of one proud, patriotic, spiritually oriented, Veteran... Otherwise know as an American.


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